Invoice DiscountingInvoice Discounting

Invoice Discounting is a confidential way to improve your cash flow and generate working capital from your sales invoices, while allowing you to retain contact with your customers.

At Danske Bank we understand the importance of discretion. Confidential Invoice Discounting is a way of generating working capital which grows in line with your turnover, whilst allowing you to maintain contact with your customers.

How does Invoice Discounting work?

  • You generate invoices to your customers
  • You can use Danske Bank's online teleledger to notify the invoices to us
  • On receipt of your invoice, up to 85% of that invoice value can be made available to you
  • Once the invoice has been paid and the payment lodged with Danske Bank, the remaining balance (less any charges) will be released

What are the benefits of Invoice Discounting?

    • Improved cash flow as your business expands
    • Improved ability to secure settlement discounts from suppliers
    • Your business spends less time monitoring its cash position
    • More ability to increase profits as sales are not lost through lack of working capital
    • Helps fledgling businesses with insufficient trading history to apply for conventional bank facilities

Key features:

  • Invoice Discounting is entirely confidential - you retain all customer contact
  • Your business manages the debt collection and credit control
  • Invoice Discounting works alongside existing bank facilities

Important informationImportant information

To use the Invoice Discounting service, you will need to open a Danske Bank business current account and sign an agreement with us. You will be required to assign your invoices to Danske Bank. You may be asked to provide a guarantee or warranty.

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